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and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” The Road Not Taken, by Sir Robert Frost.

The winding 13km’s of well-maintained trails designed by South Africa’s leading MTB course designer and trail builder, Hylton Turvey, offer a world of adventure and cater for cycling enthusiast of all ability. The International Mountain Bike Association Trail Grading System or IMBA is used to designate the trail difficulty at the Cycle Lab Bike Park. At the entrance of each trial, a numerical value designates the difficulty of each trail with one being the easiest and five being the most difficult. Green One, the easiest trail and Black Five, the most difficult. All the trails, begin and end on the bi-directional perimeter road, which offers 4kms of non-technical riding and means you can take a spin with the kids or warm up the legs before hitting the trails.

Cycle Lab Skills Area

With a focus on getting you more confident on your bike, we teach you balancing, how to handle drop-offs, cornering on flats, see-saw, navigating narrow bridges and small rock gardens. Come and learn fundamental bike skills in this dedicated area for basic bikes skills development.


This environment facilitates our skills development programme, where our skills instructors can manage several students from a central vantage point and incorporates trail elements, such as mini rock garden, bridge crossings, berms and rollers and allows students to tackle these in a controlled manner with on hand instruction.

Jump Tracks

The two jump tracks named Air Wolf and Roller Coaster offer two distinct options. Roller Coaster is based on a BMX riding format with easier rollers for beginner riders. Air Wolf is a three-tiered jump track for green, blue and black skills levels and based on a BMX style track, but suitable for both BMX […]

Pump Track

Our Pump Track, named, Flo Ray Me, is a 120m bi-directional elite level pump track ideal for skilled BMX and mountain bike riders to practice momentum and body position in an effort to get around the track without pedalling.

Kiddies Track

Suitable for children aged between two and six year’s old, preferably riding a balance bike or small bike with training wheels. It features a mini track with an introduction to mountain biking elements such as berms and rollers.

Jungle Book

A superb introduction for young riders to experience riding trails with no technical elements, just easy-flowing turns and short ride.

Magical Forest

As the name suggest, this single track of adventure means young riders get to experience what being out in the forest really means, and with no technical elements and easy-flowing turns, this short ride is suitable for everyone.

Sidewinder Adventure Zone

It does not get better than this if you are looking for a roller-coaster adventure on your mountain bike. This man-made obstacle track is built from reclaimed wood with a raised starting platform, jumps and inter leading wooden berms, bridges, rollers, drop offs and balance beams.

Advanced Skills Section

Developed to provide a real life advanced skills area for intermediate and advanced riders, the stepped drop offs, steep roll-offs and double black rock drop-offs mean that understanding your bike and your own abilities before riding here is extremely important.

Inca Continues

An add-on to the blue Inca trail. This breakaway from INCA is an option for those wanting a short punchy technical section that will test a rider’s cornering under speed ability.


Situated on the north side of the park, this trail features elevated crossings with sharp technical corners for fast-flowing technical riding. A favorite for the skilled and adventurous alike.

Berm Baby Berm

There is a clue in the name, as this trail encourages easy and fluid riding with a focus on cornering. There are of course some skill elements required as the rider becomes more confident and speeds up through the corners, and the three levels of ramps and drop offs provide a never ending choice between […]

Spaghetti Junction

Setting off on a green for beginner’s trial and then offering intermediate riders the option to split onto a more challenging blue section this trail is a little more challenging with a good concentration of technical elements to test your skill set.


A wonderful sweeping trail, with Smooth, easy riding, includes some netted river crossings and a shallow elevated walk-way that is a testing but great fun.


A wonderful mix of elevated areas and a high concentration of skills elements. Towards the middle of the trail, it splits to Inca + where riders may choose to stay on blue or opt for a more technical black section with a variety of technical drop-offs.

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