Cycle Lab Bike Skills is a professional skills improvement programme run by internationally accredited mountain bike skills coaches. The programme is progressional to allow ‘pupils’ of all ages and varying levels of competence to make incremental improvements at their own pace.

Cycle Lab Bike Skills includes a unique points-allocation system to allow mountain bikers to be graded according to their ability on each obstacle or action. This measurement system allows pupils to track their improvement and add further obstacle-specific sessions to strengthen any weaknesses. The programme is also tiered to ensure pupils are able to move up the grading as they improve.

There are both group sessions and solo sessions designed to suit all levels of mountain biker.



Group sessions are ideal for clubs, friends, schools and stage race teammates. The groups aren’t larger than 6 to ensure there’s adequate attention placed on each rider. Confidence Groups have 4-6 riders and Speed Groups have 3-4 riders.

Once a rider’s Skills Score has been established in a group session, weak areas can be strengthened with additional solo sessions (at an additional cost). Solo sessions are ideal for those keen on one-on-one attention from the instructor.

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