Spur Gauteng High Schools MTB Launch 2017

The launch of the 2017 Gauteng Series was held at the PwC Bike Park, where Captains Arm Bands were presented to each participating schools captain. The Students and their parents alike were hosted by sponsors, Cycle Lab, bringing everyone together to celebrate the beginning of what is fast becoming the breeding ground for future champions.

The kids got the opportunity to ride and practice their skills on the varied trails and skills sections available within the grounds on the 20km of collective trails.

There were able to wash up and shower using the available girls and boys dedicated facilities, while their parents argued over who was the designated driver for the evening as they took advantage of the on-tap beer and other chilled refreshments.

Although other racing formats have become popular in mountain biking, the cross-country lap racing format (also the Olympic format) is preferred, because XCO is more involving – spectators see the riders several times during the race and are also actively involved as the seconding team in the feeding zone.

With Spur rolling out a national series in 2009, together with a televised national final at Bekker school, it became clear that high school mountain biking is here to stay. The Spur High School MTB Series has become the biggest XCO series in South Africa, drawing more participants than provincial and even national races!

All together there were 30 Schools represented and the kids went home full of excitement for the first event and racing to come the very next  weekend.

Cycle Lab Bike Park sponsors

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